"Phil, you have such diligence and dedication that I admire. Without the Mollard team’s help, the development project would not have been a smooth process over the last half-year. We were pleased to work with Beverley, the Development Manager, who is a diligent and intelligent lady with experience and great communication skills, who paid attention to every detail". 



"Our company has been extremely pleased with the efficiency and effectiveness of our dealings with Mollard Property Group. The Mollard team has proven to be very professional, extremely capable and responsive to our needs. They have helped us develop our core needs in childcare opportunities and as a result they have provided us with excellent investment opportunities.
Mollard Property Group has proven to have extensive knowledge and experience in childcare development, which has helped us gain exposure to premium childcare opportunities within a very short lead-time. This has helped us meet our short term expansion goals much sooner than expected.
I would highly recommend Mollard Property Group to anyone wanting access to quality childcare development opportunities".




"I am the owner of a small family run centre in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. My husband and I were thinking of purchasing a second centre when an advertisement for the Mollard Property Group came through on email from the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW branch. We saw it as a sign and so contacted the Mollard group right away.  Phil and his team were beyond amazing right from the first email enquiry I sent them.  Even though we are a small player, nothing was too much trouble to walk us through our options of building our own centre or leasing one built by an investor. They listened to our brief and delivered everything that we asked for.  I cannot recommend the Mollard Property Group highly enough if you are looking at building or leasing a new centre, big or small." - Julia 



"My business partner and I were referred to Mollard Property Group by the Australian Childcare Alliance. We were offered two sites for our childcare centre, and were hoping to go with the one that offered more demand and opportunity for growth. I was impressed by their sound knowledge of the childcare industry, and my business partner and I found the reports done in a very efficient, detailed and well-presented manner. I would highly recommend Mollard Property Group".




"The Mollard Property Group were appointed to provide our organisation with a Long Day Care market analysis report. We were very impressed with the resultant report which provided us with the right data to make informed decisions about the future of our service. The report was thorough and showed very good insight into future trends and demographics within our local marketplace".




"The childcare site suitability analysis report Mollard Property Group provided, was well considered, thorough and provided a good understanding of the local market. The report enabled us to make well informed decisions for the overall benefit of the project. The information was well presented and easily understood that allowed us to extrapolate key information to input within our feasibilities".




“Working with Mollard has been a fantastic experience for us, given that starting our first childcare is a massive undertaking. From creating our logo to building a credible business profile, Mollard has offered nothing short of ‘the best in the business’ advice and solutions. These people know what they are doing. Phil is great at highlighting our strengths and giving professional advice pertaining to the childcare landscape in Australia. His wealth of experience in the industry and impressive portfolio gave us massive confidence that we have the right people to guide us in creating a successful and sustainable childcare that we can be proud of.


Mollard is not just a one stop shop for building your dream childcare, they are also a team of people who actually care about your vision and helping you realise it every step of the way. We look forward to working with them on our subsequent childcare projects. If you think starting your first childcare is a daunting task, then you’ve come to the right place where you will meet a team of genuine and knowledgeable people who care about your project and will work hard to exceed your expectations”.



"The site suitability report was certainly commercially beneficial to identify the suitability of the site for a childcare prior to an acquisition of the property. The format was clear and concise, and was completed in the nominated time-frame".




"It is not often that all the stakeholders walk away with a sense of accomplishment from a project that experiences unexpected delays and work requirements. But that was the outcome of lengthy and complicated site investigations and statutory environmental audits for a childcare centre development.

Mollard Property Group were calm throughout and respectfully managed the expectations of all the stakeholders to ensure that project objectives were attained and successfully delivered".




"I am more than happy to share my experience with Mollards, which has been associated with providing town planning advice and services for childcare centre developments. It is fairly self-evident that the Mollard team are well versed in this industry space.
This is evident by the thorough due diligence research, probing questions, awareness and extent of information that is often presented to me in my interactions with them. In addition, their project management skills are exemplary in communicating with all relevant stakeholders, setting timeframes and actioning items. They are also very receptive to advice and feedback, which makes my job that much simpler and smoother. Importantly, they are professional but also friendly which makes it an enjoyable business relationship. I look forward to working with Mollard Property Group again in the future".



"I have now used Mollard’s on two separate and quite different occasions. In both instances Mollard’s were able to produce reports in a very efficient and professional manner. The quality and relevance of the information in the reports was essential to some long term decisions we had to make and in each case the analysis gave us new insights and greatly contributed to the final decisions. This added to our confidence about what our next steps had to be. The success of our strategies still rests with us but starting in the right way is always critical and Mollard’s were an important part of that".






"We were able to view the Built-to-Rent report from an investor perspective and comment as to whether it addresses all of the salient details and data required and, I am pleased to say that it does.

Everyone is of the opinion that the report is superb and provides a very extensive level of data and information required by investors / operators to make decisions on possible Build-to-Rent schemes. I am quite sure that the reports that you and your team are able to produce will prove invaluable to prospective investors".



"We thought the Site Suitability Report was outstanding. It covered all possible information we needed. After presenting the excellent Site Suitability Report, we have received commitment from our bank to fund our proposed childcare development. Furthermore, we will also adopt the updated licensed childcare places suggested in the report. We look forward to continuing to work with Mollard Property Group in future stages of our development".




"Working closely with Emma to create our business logo and profile has been nothing short of spectacular. Her design skills and creative input have allowed us to create a beautiful brand and logo that we love. It is her attention in the little details that really made her design work and professionalism stand out for us. Her constant communication, approachable demeanour, and openness to feedback have made the journey very pleasant. Her ability to capture our vision and create designs and artwork from scratch simply amazed us from start to finish".