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Why be the tenant when you can own?

As rental costs continue to escalate, ask us how you can benefit from

owning an outstanding centre for less than you’re paying in rent.

Childcare centres are one of the hottest assets in the commercial property market right now. Developers and investors are building centres and selling them off or leasing them at unprecedented prices, so operators are struggling to pay insane rents. Rent is the second largest cost for childcare providers after staff and financial strain on tenants is expected to worsen with the increase in rental prices to continue in 2022. The big winners are the landlords pocketing the profits as rents on new childcare centres have soared from $2600 in 2018-19 to $3000 in 2019-20 for each childcare place.

Now would be a great time to consider developing and owning your own centre

Mollard Property Group have achieved over 27 successful childcare centre developments across Australia and have 80 years combined experience in childcare sector development, we can show how you can profit by developing and owning your own purpose built centre in a prime location and stop the landlords reaping the rewards of your hard work.

A One - Stop - Solution

Managing the entire process from site sourcing and site selection, negotiations, due diligence, centre design and design management, development management to obtain planning permit, project management to oversee construction… From conception to completion... we do it all!

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