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The rise of the Australian economy

Updated: May 5

Australia will soon be a top 10 economy – and we’re already the third wealthiest per capita.

According to the IMF database, Australia currently ranks as the 12th largest economic force on the planet, up one spot from last year, there is no country ranked above Australia with a lesser population. We are really rich per capita when “wealth’ is measured in GDP-per-capita terms.

Despite events like the Recession, Global Financial Crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, Australia has continued to ­prosper and be a secure place to invest.

Childcare growth is a testament of the great success of the government reducing the pay gap, making work so much more attractive to women. Not only improving the family’s economic position but also mental health. Today the number of women in the workforce is 62.4%. This is the lowest women’s unemployment rate since 1974, currently at 3.8%. A substantial jump in the past eight years.

For every 6% growth in women workforce participation it adds 25 billion dollars to the economy.

Childcare plays a huge part in Australia’s economic growth and why the government continues to increase funding to support the sector and why the Childcare sector continues to grow and be a solid and secure property asset for investors.

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