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Research pays off! Our research is critical to your success or failure

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

100% success rate... what does this mean?

Mollard Property group has an enviable track record of achieving a 100% success rate on obtaining approvals as per our advice, importantly, from both the Council regarding development approvals and the Education Department regarding Licensing requirements. Time is money, as in building, quality drawings equate to efficient building cost and time, as does quality in-depth research when considering buying a property, especially in Childcare.

Our research is critical to the success or failure of developing your Childcare Centre.

Our highly regarded ‘Site Suitability Report’ includes specific in-depth vital information that has proven to be necessary to the success of the project. Our research and analytical team are skilled in understanding the important considerations and requirements for the development and business of Childcare.

Contact us today so we can see if your site is suitable for a Childcare Centre.

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