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Looking to safely develop a stand-out childcare centre... how to get it right...

Updated: Apr 5

Working with a niche based property group that understands the childcare sector is the right way.

Childcare centres differ from commercial or residential buildings, it is the one sector where having niche based design and development specialists are essential. The design, development and build of a childcare centre must follow strict regulations and guidelines. They have unique legal requirements and specific usage of space and layout needs that require expert understanding to maximise the usage of your site’s true potential. Working with a team of professionals with an in-depth understanding of childcare development and design requirements, will save you time and money.

Planning approvals have become much more challenging with Councils being understaffed. To avoid lengthy pitfalls, specialist knowledge has become even more sought after. Thus instilling, paying for real experience will save you significantly, in both time and costs. Working with a team whose experience lies totally in this area is vital.

To ensure development approvals are successful it is crucial that you work with an experienced childcare centre developer to manage the project every step of the way - who can successfully deliver and guide you through the process without hiccups. With 100% success in development approvals, it’s what we’re good at!

Some of the key reasons other developers are failing at childcare centre development include:

  1. Obtaining a Planning Permit before securing a tenant.

  2. Failure to understand the childcare sector supply and demand

  3. Applying residential knowledge to the childcare sector

  4. Unable to determine if a site is suitable for a child care

  5. Engaging an Architect to design a ‘generic’ and expensive childcare centre

  6. Failure to understand the complexities of licensing regulations

With Mollard Property Group these mistakes are preventable! With our Site Suitability Analysis Report and Childcare Centre Modelling Services we assist our clients to make informed and educated decisions, reducing risk on their childcare projects.

Why Use Mollard Property Group?

Mollard Property Group have been successfully developing childcare centres Australia-wide, since 2014, giving us an in-depth understanding and expertise in the childcare sector and have access to a portfolio of successful childcare professionals. We’re with you every step of the way. We are quality focused and understand the complex aspects of developing a childcare centre and how to avoid the pitfalls. We know how to design and develop outstanding beautiful childcare centres to be a profitable business and investment for our clients.

We provide a one stop solution to manage the entire project

From the initial location analysis, designing the centre to meet development approvals and planning requirement to getting your centre built on time and within budget… We work closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and operators. We’re your complete solution. Our Project management ‘Open Build’ service provides a transparent approach so you are kept in the loop 24/7 and can see the progress of your investment or development at every stage of the process with no hidden surprises.

Contact the professionals for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. We can help with the expert, professional well-informed advice you need to make your childcare centre development a complete success.

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