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Fortune favours those who take risks

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Taking the road less travelled sometimes really does pay off!

When it comes to investing in childcare, it couldn’t ring more true. Set yourself up for absolute success by stepping out of your comfort zone and developing and owning your own childcare centre.

Following the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, traditional conservative investments, such as cash and bonds are weak. In order to not be left behind, investors need to rebuild their portfolio and think outside the box. As the economy strengthens, now is the time to be taking risks.

The age old benchmark of the 60-40 rule, meaning 60% in growth assets and 40% in fixed assets, has now been overruled - the new number is now 72% - 28%. This means experts are recalibrating the essentials of portfolio construction. It has been noted that this riskier market will continue to reward risk takers for some time. At MPG we smooth the risks, thus allowing you to profit the most out of this market through a risk-free journey.

Contact the experts at Mollard Property Group today and find out how we can rebuild your portfolio fit for the future.

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