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Finding the right childcare site is the tip of the iceberg!

Childcare centre location is critical to its success, however, determining if a site is suitable for childcare is extremely complex. Many can identify a site, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Understanding every facet is vital to a successful childcare centre…

Our comprehensive assessment covers the following important research and information:

· In-depth Location and Demographic Profile

· Determine Licensed Places to Children Ratio

· Pre-application Council Meetings

· Proposed Childcare Centre – Feasibility Concept Plan

· Town Planning Summary of Zoning and Overlays

· Competitor Identification

· Development Financial Analysis

· Site Inspections

· Rental Analysis and Advice

· Acquisition Negotiations

Don’t make a titanic mistake on your childcare centre development, talk to the experts who make it child’s play.

Mollard Property Group are Australia’s leading childcare centre design and development team, with over 80 years combined experience. Each highly skilled team member is equipped with the critical knowledge required to identify and analyse childcare centre development sites to ensure its full development potential and success.

Knowledge is important, but hands-on experience over decades provides a different level of expertise. Contact us today.

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