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Don't waste another cent on rent

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We can grow your property assets in childcare development through your business assets only, no personal cash or home equity is required*.

Surprised? We understand the financial feasibilities associated with developing a site. We understand every aspect of what it takes to be a success with minimum risks. We can reveal your potential to own and operate for less than what you’re paying in rent, without using personal capital. You can capitalise on your own business to unlock more wealth, building your property assets while increasing your cash flow.

Not only will you build a strong property equity position immediately on completion, you will also substantially reduce your outgoings for a comparable leased centre, which means a significant improvement in cash flow. This has to be worth a few moments talking with an expert, with over 40 years in the business - book a phone conversation today.

*Must have approx. 5 years experience as a childcare owner-operator.

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