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Do you want to sell your property for the highest price?

We are seeking to buy properties suitable for childcare developments across Australia.

If your residential or commercial property ticks all the boxes as a viable site for development,

get ahead of the game and sell direct to us at a premium price

before the bottom falls out of the market!

It's a win win for the buyer and the vendor:

- For a quick sale above the current market value

- Off market private and confidential sales

- Receive a full appraisal to see if your site meets the requirements

- No hidden fees/commissions - Save up to $100,000

- Fast acquisition, decisions and sale approvals

- No open homes or advertising costs

We consider sites with the following approximate land size

that meet the location and demographic criteria:

Commercial 700+m2 | Residential 1,100+m2

Talk to us today and find out if your property is a winner!

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