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Are you thinking of building a Childcare Centre? Do you need help?

Updated: Apr 15

Have you been thinking of building your own childcare centre? Are you unsure where to start or unclear on the steps to take? Our General Manager of Construction is specifically dedicated to this task, making us experts in this area.

What are the 3 critical elements of building a stand our Childcare Centre?

1. Design

With several years combined experience in the design of childcare centres. We understand how to design a standout yet practical centre, that is both appealing to families and cost efficient to build. We know how to design a centre to comply with licensing and council approvals required to successfully achieve the necessary permits. Our designs meet all of this important criteria whilst ensuring a design that is attractive to families.

2. Planning

Our in-house Development Manager enables us to get childcare centres approved quickly. Due to our strong expertise, we have achieved a 100% success rate on our last 28 childcare center development applications with just one tribunal appearance which we won. Time is money, that is why our thorough understanding of planning is so vital. When planning a childcare centre our Development Manager takes into account a variety of important design choices. To name a few; traffic flow and access, parking, design for appropriate acoustics, and functional landscape design are considered. We take all of this into account whilst ensuring our design is compliant and is built to accommodate the appropriate number of children for supply and demand, competition and the demographic of the market.

3. Building

We have in-house construction experts allowing you to gain first-hand expert advice. Our General Manager of Construction understands how to build, how to prepare the correct scope of works and what should be included in a building contract. We also have a 100% transparent, open book build program that provides you with 24/7 access to every stage of your build. This ensures you can build your new centre within your budget without any additional costings, variations or delays.

Work with specialists who understand your business to ensure your childcare centre development is a success. It’s never been easier with the team at Mollard! Contact us now for an obligation free consultation.

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